Follow our pieces of advice in case of loss of shape

Sometimes you feel a loss of tone. It is mainly caused by stress, dehydration or fatigue due to the activities and tasks that we have to perform on a daily basis. These aspects really hinder our daily life and even…

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Sport with baby: yoga and swimming pool are the ideal sports!

Baby sports, whether yoga, swimming pool or gym, are ideal for your child’s development. It is also an opportunity for parents to have a special time with their child and develop a relationship of trust. Yoga for babies, sporty and…

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Health : essential oils for sportsmen and women

After having presented you the ideal essential oils to sleep well, my anti-stress selection and the essential oils to boost your immune system, it was time to tackle my favourite subject (despite myself): essential oils, indispensable for any good sportsman,…

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All our advice to detoxify your body

You are tired, you don’t have an ounce of energy left and your morale is low? Perhaps it’s time to pamper your body, as these visible signs of fatigue could be caused by an accumulation of toxins. What could be…

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