Acne problems: origin and how to fight them

Acne is a small skin disease that causes oily skin and small red and white pimples. This condition most often begins in adolescence and ends, in most cases, before the age of 25. However, there are adults affected by this…

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Why does hair become brittle after colouring?

You have chosen to colour your hair. You like your new hair colour so much that you don’t hesitate to renew it again and again. But then, after a few sessions, you notice that your hair becomes brittle and no…

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Lips: real assets of femininity

The mouth is a real asset of sensuality for femininity. Indeed, a woman can seduce by playing with her lips. Today, the trend in terms of make-up gives way to nude lips. It is true that not all women have…

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Fight against seborrheic dermatitis

While there are dozens of skin diseases, there is one that is fairly well known, although not necessarily widespread (2 to 5% of the affected population), seborrheic dermatitis. Although benign, it can create real discomfort for those affected. What is…

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