Vaccine and drugs: how to fight the coronavirus?

Certainly, in order to permanently neutralise the COVID-19 coronavirus, we need vaccine and drugs. But since the outbreak of this pandemic, the existence of a medical solution has not yet been confirmed, to fight this virus effectively. In fact, the…

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How do you get malaria?

Malaria, also known as malaria, is a parasitic disease that is transmitted by a mosquito. In recent years, this disease has killed many people around the world. However, effective treatments exist to cure malaria. And so far, a vaccine against…

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Malaria: what are the symptoms?

In 2019, nearly 200 million people are infected with malaria and about 400,000 die from it. What is malaria and how does it manifest itself? Malaria: what is it? Malaria is a parasitic disease of the genus Plasmodium that affects…

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10 tips to avoid diabetes and its complications

Type 2 diabetes is a serious chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. If not controlled, this disease can cause serious complications like kidney failure, blindness and heart diseases. Luckily, one can avoid diabetes through simple actions like exercising,…

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How to effectively treat a flu?

Influenza is a disease that affects billions of people around the world. Highly viral, it is one of the most common lung diseases, but can quickly become fatal if not treated properly. This is why today we advise you, if…

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How to treat an immune deficiency?

Everyone has natural defences that protect the body against infections and other more or less serious diseases. But when immunity is weakened, the body is unable to detect and effectively neutralise unhealthy cells, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites….

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Heavy metals: How to eliminate them and prevent intoxication?

Did you know that we are exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis? We find them everywhere: in drinking water, in cosmetics, in our dishes and even in our medicines. Chronic overexposure can cause many everyday aches and pains….

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