Sport with baby: yoga and swimming pool are the ideal sports!

Baby sports, whether yoga, swimming pool or gym, are ideal for your child's development. It is also an opportunity for parents to have a special time with their child and develop a relationship of trust.

Yoga for babies, sporty and friendly

More and more sports centres are welcoming mothers and their children for a gentle yoga class in a relaxed atmosphere. The benefits are both physical and social: the younger ones sleep or watch the older, independent babies imitate their mother's movements. Classes are suitable for babies from 6 to 8 weeks and until they can walk.

All to the water! Baby and mummy at the pool

Get your baby used to being in the water from an early age. Many sports centres offer swimming lessons for toddlers. The main aim is to encourage babies to gain confidence in the water from their early years. The result can be very positive, since the more a child is used to being in the water at a young age, the more quickly he or she feels comfortable. Lessons take place in the "sport and health" pool, which is heated to 32 degrees. The lessons are very popular and are booked well in advance. Gymnastics, a sport recommended for the awakening of the youngest children. The sports sessions for children aged 4 to 12 months are based on playful learning, awakening the senses and stimulating the imagination in order to encourage the development of children's agility from a very young age.
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