How to treat an immune deficiency?

Everyone has natural defences that protect the body against infections and other more or less serious diseases. But when immunity is weakened, the body is unable to detect and effectively neutralise unhealthy cells, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. This increases the risk of developing diseases. However, it is possible to fight against an immune deficiency.

Overview of the causes of immune deficiency

Man does not always need medical treatment to cure certain illnesses. In some cases, medicines are only prescribed to help the natural defences against certain unhealthy microorganisms in the body. In this way, everyone has an immune system. It is made up of several cells that work together to protect the body. These are mainly composed of leukocytes, lymphocytes and antibodies. However, sometimes the immune system can become weakened. There are many reasons for an immune deficiency. In addition, the factors vary from person to person. Usually this is caused by a dietary imbalance. A lack of vitamins and minerals causes the cells to age and reduces the defence capacities of the white blood cells. Lack of sleep can also have a serious impact on health. This effectively leads to a weakening of the body's defences against certain infections. This is due to the fact that the body produces fewer antibodies because it is tired. This means that the blood does not have enough elements to combat foreign substances. Finally, a sedentary lifestyle, overwork and stress are also risk factors for immune deficiency.

Some advice to strengthen the natural defences

Immune deficiency can affect everyone, regardless of age or gender. Of course, children up to the age of 5 and the elderly are the most susceptible. Weakened immunity is harmful. The body's natural defences are weakened and the body is more exposed to the risk of developing diseases. This can lead to repeated or severe infections, rapid weight loss, unexplained fevers or skin reactions. Everyone reacts differently depending on the severity of the case. However, if any of these signs are noticed, it is important to consult a doctor quickly and start natural treatment. Indeed, one can very well boost one's immune defences thanks to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. To do this, you need to eat foods rich in proteins and minerals. Furthermore, studies show that a food supplement made from synthetic vitamin D can activate T-lymphocytes. Finally, other research has been able to confirm that BLRs are effective in restoring the immunity of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
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