Vaccine and drugs: how to fight the coronavirus?

Certainly, in order to permanently neutralise the COVID-19 coronavirus, we need vaccine and drugs. But since the outbreak of this pandemic, the existence of a medical solution has not yet been confirmed, to fight this virus effectively. In fact, the identification of treatments that can wipe out the COVID-19 virus is still in progress. Thus, while waiting for the research, adopting an alternative solution, such as prevention measures, is also possible to protect against the spread of this disease.

Cures for COVID-19, currently being identified

Since its emergence and until today, no medical treatment has yet been announced as effective in curing this Middle Eastern coronavirus COVID-19. Hence the intensification of research to determine the necessary treatments capable of destroying this virus. As a result, research into drug solutions has increased to an international level. At present, many specialists in this field are already engaged in the discovery of vaccines and medications to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. The studies carried out by these experts are focused on purely strategic and well-defined objectives: to discover the antidotes to COVID-19 within a short time.

Vaccines and medicines to combat COVID-19 in the long term

Therapeutic drugs and vaccines have always been used to eradicate the virus. The drugs are generally used to destroy the virus responsible for the infection, while the vaccine solution protects the healthy individual against its proliferation. This is why studies on the COVID-19 coronavirus focus on identifying these two medical substances. To treat this pathology, for the long term, the usefulness of medicines will also be essential to prevent possible pandemics.

Health advice to avoid the coronavirus

However, in the absence of medical treatment, the use of other procedures is also valid to protect oneself and others against the proliferation of contagious diseases. Consequently, while waiting for the outcome of research into vaccination and medication against the COVID-19 coronavirus, preventive measures are indicated as an alternative solution: wash your hands with soap regularly, wear a mouthwash, respect a distance of at least 1 metre, do not greet with your hands, avoid embracing, cough into your elbow or with a handkerchief, avoid gatherings and contacts... Thus, the correct application of these recommendations in everyday life contributes to minimising the impact of this pathology.
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