Why does hair become brittle after colouring?

You have chosen to colour your hair. You like your new hair colour so much that you don't hesitate to renew it again and again. But then, after a few sessions, you notice that your hair becomes brittle and no longer breathes health. But why is this?

Bleaching before colouring damages the hair.

If you are a brunette and have decided to go blonde, you should always go through bleaching, usually in 3 steps. This means that the colour of your hair will be completely changed for at least 3 sessions. To do this, it is necessary to use oxidising products, the only ones capable of reaching the heart of the hair fibre and eliminating the melanin pigments responsible for its natural colour. This is the case of the ammonia they contain. The nature of the hair fibres has changed due to the oxidation burn. Already at this stage, your hair is weakened and loses its vitality. On the other hand, blondes can go straight to dark, but also with risks.

Colouring damages the hair

Repeated use of colouring products damages the hair and makes it brittle. Already in the above case, the risk is amplified. In fact, colouring products contain oxidants that will allow the hair fibre to fix the new colour, after the natural colour has been destroyed. The ammonia contained in these products will swell the hair by opening the cuticle to allow the colouring agents to penetrate and fix the hair. This oxidation phenomenon removes the hair's vitality and it then becomes brittle, as it is almost dead. You can easily imagine the chain reactions, I think. This is why it is always recommended to take special care of coloured hair: hair oil and nourishing masks to revitalise, and a suitable shampoo to maintain the colour.
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