Lips: real assets of femininity

The mouth is a real asset of sensuality for femininity. Indeed, a woman can seduce by playing with her lips. Today, the trend in terms of make-up gives way to nude lips. It is true that not all women have Angelina Jolie's full lips. Many resort to surgery. However, this painful practice is not advisable to have attractive lips. In fact, there are many other techniques that can plump lips without resorting to painful and expensive practices. Here are a few tips to perfectly care for your lips to make them look more beautiful naturally and have a well-designed mouth.

Taking care of your lips

Like hair and other parts of the body, lips also need special attention. To care for a mouth, you need to exfoliate and moisturize. Scrubbing, which consists of removing chapped skin and getting rid of dead skin because it reduces the volume of the lips. To do this, you have to do a specific exfoliation which can be designed by yourself using ingredients that are lying around in the kitchen. For example, simply mix brown sugar, honey and olive oil. Apply this mixture to the lips, rubbing gently. This should be repeated twice a week. This practice gives more volume to the lips. A beautiful mouth is also a hydrated mouth. It therefore needs a lip balm. Indeed, lip balms have the ability to bounce the lips. They can also give a mouth a feeling of volume while moisturizing it at the same time. Homeoplasmine-type ointment is ideal for nourishing and reshaping dry or irritated lips. They will thus easily regain volume.

Permanent make-up: an essential solution to enhance your lips.

In order to have pulpy lips, it is also necessary to adopt a suitable make-up. In fact, there are two types of make-up: traditional make-up and permanent make-up. For the first technique, the use of white pencil should be preferred. It is necessary to go around the perimeter of the upper border on the hem of the top of the cupid's bow. The lips will have a point of light on this area also called the heart of the lips. The flesh coloured pencil will then be applied to the lip contour. The colour should be medium light and not too dark. Finally, lipstick should be applied without forgetting to add a little gloss. For the second technique, always call on an expert in permanent make-up. The latter applies the right amount of colour pigments using the same colour codes as the previous method.
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