Which packaging is used for containment of pharmaceutical product?

containment of pharmaceutical product

Medicine is the most important field in the medicine sector. How they are manufactured and packaged is also another important part. As often said by investors, packaging plays a major role in the market sector but in this case, medical packaging is key based on the application and features of the product. Medical packaging is significant as it protects the drug products from damages, the atmosphere, germs, bacteria and also prioritizes safety concerns from both the old and children concern. Here is what to know about pharmaceutical packaging.

Types of Pharmaceutical Packaging

In the medical industry, packaging depends on the type of drug and to perfect this act, packaging was broken down into three systems namely primary packaging, secondary packaging and tertiary packaging.
Primary system.
This is a material that envelopes the product and holds it when it is first packaged. in short, the components of a package that gets into contact directly with the product or the ones having direct effects on products. Examples include ampoules, prefilled syringes, vials and blister packs.

Secondary system

After the primary packaging, the secondary package follows with it being useful in grouping the primary packages together. Examples of this system are boxes, cartons, injection trays and containers for shipping.
This is the final system where it is only used when the products are too bulky to handle. An example is containers.
Here I will look at a few primary medical packages that you should know about. They include;

Ampoule packs

Ampoules packages are mostly used in packaging little amounts of drugs in liquid form. They are mainly small in size and made from glass or plastics. Manufactured ampoules are subjected to automated quality control. Most companies have come up with ideas with some involved in the manufacturing of double-tip ampoules glass containers. The ampoule has a shape different from the others with its shape lending the process to fill the vacuum. It also permits purification even after the product is filled and sealed.

Vials Packs

The vials packs are also made from plastics or glass but the difference from the previous package is that it is larger and has a big storage capacity of storing more drugs. Vials packages stores mainly powder, liquid and solid medicines.


Medical bottles are either plastic or glass bottles. They are designed in light brown and orange colors to mostly protect the liquid medicines from the UV rays.

Sachet Packs

When it comes to sachet packaging, they include small sacks of different sizes and shapes depending on the drug. They are made from a certain type of plastic which gives the sachet a kind of look that which can be easy to tear by hand. They are cheaper and the most affordable package.

Final thoughts

In pharmaceutical packaging, different types and materials are included thus making it important that you the client should ensure that your drug is packed correctly in terms of its environmental and physical requirements.

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