What is the detox cure?

Fatigue, stress, the after party period, water retention... Detox treatment is THE solution to many situations! But what is a detox cure? What types of detox are there, how to make an intelligent detox and what detox supplement to choose? Find out all about detox!

What is detox?

Detox diet, detox supplement, detox food, detox drink... Detox is everywhere and it's easy to feel lost in the face of all the information that exists on the subject. Detox is a concept derived from naturopathy, a type of alternative medicine that favours care through plants or using natural means. Detox is one of them: by adopting a specific diet, the body could evacuate the various toxins accumulated by the body, abused by our modern way of life.

Detox: relieving the body to regain its balance

Processed foods, refined sugars, chemical additives, pesticides, heavy metals... Many undesirable elements end up on our plates in spite of ourselves and are usually eliminated naturally by the so-called "emunctory" organs, which participate in the elimination of waste. These include the liver and kidneys, the main targets of food detoxification, but also the skin, intestines, pancreas and lungs. All in all, the organs that come into contact with the outside world! Charged with evacuating waste ingested through food and various foreign elements (creams and cosmetic care, breathing in polluting particles), but also waste produced by our own bodies during various processes, these organs find themselves submerged from time to time, especially during periods of intense stress, when professional or family demands push us to neglect ourselves... And of course, during holiday periods, which are conducive to overeating and alcohol abuse, which put our digestive organs to the test. The solution? Lighten the diet, say stop to harmful elements and adopt a better lifestyle for a short period of time, in order to relieve the emunctory organs and allow them to evacuate the accumulated toxins. Say goodbye to fatigue, blotchy complexion and difficult digestion: the detox cure is here!

Effective detox products and supplements to eliminate toxins

You have adopted a lighter, balanced diet, you are sufficiently hydrated... But you would like an extra boost to activate the body's elimination functions? Take a look at these detox supplements!

Detox supplements: what is the difference between draining, depurative, absorbent or hepato-protective?

Various types of detox supplements exist on the market. It's up to you to choose the supplement that has the action that corresponds to your needs!
  • Draining, they will help you eliminate excess water (responsible in particular for the sensation of heavy and swollen legs).
  • Depurative, they will activate digestion and help you fight against digestive discomfort.
  • Absorbers, they capture certain elements (heavy metals, chemical molecules) present in food and capture them to prevent them from passing into the bloodstream.
  • Hepato-protectors, they have a variety of properties (stimulation of blood microcirculation, drainage, antioxidant) which give them positive virtues on hepatic (liver) health.

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