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Essential oils in everyday life

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for preventive, curative or wellness purposes. It has a therapeutic aim when its objective is to treat a specific symptom, be it physical or psycho-emotional, but it can also provide access to serenity and relaxation.

The essential oil is intended to be both an olfactory and therapeutic companion in your daily life, for more information please visit

Lavender essential oil

It is the royal essential oil in aromatherapy.

Peppermint essent. oil

Of all the species of mint, this is by far the most interesting.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon essence will be used in all digestive and liver ailments.

Tea tree essential oil

The tea tree and the cajeput are among the best known.

Detox diets

What is a detox cure?

The aim of a detox cure is to purify the body naturally at strategic moments, particularly during the change of season to prepare the body for the new season, and therefore the associated dietary changes.


The health and fitness
benefits of sport

Preventing Cardio Diseases

Regular physical activity improves and regulates the functioning of the cardiac system, reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

An anti-carcinogenic effect

Numerous scientific studies have revealed the preventive action of sports activity against certain types of cancer.

Tackling the ageing process

It is great for the prevention of degenerative diseases, often age-related. It is a great way to grow old fit and independent.

Body care

Taking care of your body:
the everyday gestures

To take care of your skin on a daily basis, the first rule to follow is to take care of your overall health. Visit, to discover the right tricks to take care of your body and skin.

Take a wellness bath

Plunging into a hot bath is a source of relaxation.

Moisturize to glow

Our skin, like our whole body, is largely made up of water.

A balanced diet

Certain nutrients make a special contribution to healthy skin.

Oral health

Taking care of your teeth for good health

Good dental hygiene not only ensures a bright smile and prevents cavities. It also helps to keep certain diseases of an immuno-inflammatory nature at bay. Dental health and general health are more closely linked than you might think.

Our general condition, our well-being and our relationships with others can be impaired as a result of poor dental health. This is why our mouth needs to receive at least twice-daily attention.